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We try to preserve our client's capital while producing a good return out of what the markets have to offer. We believe that superior long-term performance is as much a function of avoiding significant losses as it is of having the highest short-term return.

Our Process

Our process, called Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA), follows a tactical strategy that uses indicators and metrics based upon current market conditions to gauge whether to be on offense or defense, and how to best deploy assets or raise cash. While Dynamic Asset Allocation attempts to preserve capital, it is Opportunistic, striving to take advantage of the best the stock market has to offer at any given time.

We do not attempt to forecast the market or depend on a "thesis". We rely on indicators derived from the actual market price movements of investments. These indicators tell us what real investors are doing with their capital.

Portfolio Management Using Dynamic Asset Allocation

  • What are the market conditions (Offense or Defense)?
  • What industry sectors are best positioned?
  • What stocks are strongest within their sector?
  • Confirm the fundamentals.
  • Monitor positions for optimal reward/risk.

  • Apply Constant Portfolio Management Techniques To Determine:

  • What To Buy
  • When To Buy
  • What To Sell
  • When To Sell
  • How Much To Buy or Sell

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